Raintree Design was established in 2003 by Radhika and Neha Malhotra. The company specialises in  designing and creating embroidery relevant in todays fashion. Raintree, known for its contemporary style of beading uses classic techniques for haute couture, ready-to-wear and accessories.

The Mumbai office based in the heart of the city is responsible for design and production for all our clients worldwide. The company work with over 150 artisans specialising in different styles of hand embroidery and beading. Spread over 4 ateliers, each one of them with a different unique style of handwork. Raintree also specialises in hand machine embroidery which has a very organic feel yet can be cost effective when production and sales are concerned.

A full garment package for evening, leather wear and day wear are an option to our clients aswell. We have recently extended our services to manufacture of accessories.

The embroidery and beaded design house was established between London and Bombay. They now have offices in New York and Paris as well.

The company specialises in creating embroidery and beading which is contemporary and relevant in todays fashion.


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